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Investment loans

If you are looking to buy an investment property we can assist you. You can use equity in your existing home as leverage to buy your first investment or put together a finance package which enables the expansion of your property portfolio.

We can assist

Our experienced mortgage consultant will assist you in packaging your finance facilities giving you the option of a number of lenders so you can choose the package or product that you believe best suits your needs. He will also assist you in gearing your finance package so you are in the best position to expand your property portfolio. Once you have chosen your lender, our mortgage consultant will assist you in completing the required application and putting together any supporting documentation the Lender may require to ensure you receive a quick finance approval.

1. Miscellaneous Costs

There are a number of costs you need to consider when calculating the amount of money you need to complete the purchase of the new investment.

  • Government Fees – including stamp duty on transfer and on the mortgage.
  • Legal Fees – including conveyance and property search fees.
  • Property related costs – including council and water rates and in the case of a unit purchase you will have strata fees.
  • You may also have to allow for other costs such as building and pest inspections.

2. Mortgage Stamp Duty

You may be required to pay mortgage stamp duty on the amount of the new loan. We will assist you to determine the amount.

3. Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI)

The LMI fee applies only when you borrow more than 80% of the property’s value (on a full documentation loan), this covers the lender if for some reason you cannot repay your loan and the property is sold for less than the amount of the loan. LMI can be added to your loan amount for up to 100% of the property value.

4. Building Insurance

Prior to settlement of your loan you will need to provide evidence that the property you are purchasing is suitably insured. In the case of a unit purchase this will usually be insurance taken out by the Strata Plan.